Mick Mulvaney

“This is explosive stuff," Trump's former acting chief of staff tweeted after the former White House aide testified before the House select committee.
Many Twitter users said that the former chief of staff's trashing of fellow aides was a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney admitted to reporters that President Trump withheld foreign aid to Ukraine in part to pressure the country to open an investigation into the 2016 election and a conspiracy theory about the DNC’s hacked server.
"The Late Show" host threw in a four-letter word to punctuate his displeasure.
CBS News President Neeraj Khemlani may have telegraphed the controversial hiring of former Trump official Mulvaney in a leaked recording.
He appealed to former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney to boot Fauci because Donald Trump was busy and "I'm an economics guy," he told Steve Bannon.
The Trump administration's controversial relocation of the Bureau of Land Management headquarters resulted in hundreds of staff departures.
The Fox News anchor asked Trump's former chief of staff if he feels any responsibility for enabling Trump throughout his term. Mulvaney equivocated.
The former acting White House chief of staff said the president "didn't hire very well" and was "a small businessman who’s done extraordinarily well."
The president's 2012 post came back to haunt him after he announced Mark Meadows would replace Mick Mulvaney in the role.