Migrant And Refugee Crisis

George Takei discusses his thoughts on black actors fighting Hollywood’s diversity problems.
"The weight of the war is on us, along with worry about our children’s future ... All of that will slowly kill your spirit, as surely as a bomb will kill your body."
Alvaro De Vicente discuss the Columbian-Venezuela refugee crisis.
“The impact on civilians is worsening daily with frequent indiscriminate attacks and incidents involving explosive hazards," the report says.
Those who have a clear path to the U.S. face a slow processing time, while thousands of others have no idea where they'll end up.
The centerpiece of the first lady’s trip comes Sunday — Mother’s Day — when Biden meets with displaced Ukrainians who sought refuge across the border in Slovakia.
Eight months into temporary status, Afghan evacuees in the U.S. only have limited — and difficult — options to stay in the U.S. permanently.
The administration’s new program to admit Ukrainian refugees may face the same sluggish processing that has plagued earlier refugee efforts.
The Biden administration is making it easier for refugees fleeing Russia’s war on Ukraine to come to the United States from Europe while trying to shut down an informal route through northern Mexico that's emerged in recent weeks.
The United Nations has also verified the deaths of 142 youngsters, though the number is almost certainly much higher, the U.N. children’s agency said Monday.