Mike Daisey

The monologist Mike Daisey knows all about repercussions from one's actions. He experienced serious career fall out after
Physical-store chains such as CVS and Home Depot are doing their bit to kill jobs --- by, for instance, installing automatic
Last fall, as Mike Daisey was performing his new tetralogy entitled The Great Tragedies, he recounted some of his experiences as a student in London. One of his acting teachers was a fierce martinet with a habit of interrupting her students by yelling "YOU'RE BORING ME! "
Ever wonder how lesser talents continue to survive? The answer can be found in this brilliant musical number composed by Jule Styne (with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim) for Gypsy: A Musical Fable.
"Seniority is only good if you are doing the right things for Wyoming, if you're voting the way people in Wyoming want you
I've been obsessed by my cousin Stephen's death since he was shot and killed in his South of Market apartment in San Francisco in May.
For many artists, the ability to see what others don't -- or can't see -- is what adds an element of humanity or depth to their work. For most people, 2 + 2 may equal 4. But for an artist, the result may be 4 plus a pink rhinoceros. Or a cupcake with day-glo icing.
Many claim that theater holds a mirror up to society. But all too often, when society gets a look at its reflection, the results are not pretty.
People often make the mistake of thinking that storytelling is something that comes naturally to everyone. Why? Because, as children, we listened to our parents read to us or tell us stories as a means of lulling us to sleep.
R.I.P Steve Jobs. Click through this slideshow to read how others are remembering the tech mastermind on this day: Hate him
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak prefers to feel like he "owns" his digital data and feels uncomfortable uploading it to or
4. A Lull at DC9 Following their Pitchfork Music Festival debut, A Lull is touring their new LP "Meat Mountain." They're
Sunday, July 29 "The Orient Express (Or, the Value of Failure)" at Woolly Mammoth So Mike Daisey is in town for a while performing
3. Edible Urban Garden Tour At Old City Green Another Eat Local First event, this one will take participants throughout the
5. I Confess At Source The Washington Improv Theater's contribution to the Fringe Festival, this improvised musical takes
"This American Life" host Ira Glass recommended checking the memories and past conversations described in Sedaris' work for
Did Marketplace's Rob Schmitz really think that, on a tour of the facility arranged by Apple and Foxxconn that he would meet underaged workers, people poisoned on the job, or people who had been hurt in a explosion?