Mike Huckabee

The former Arkansas governor suggested the lack of thoughts and prayers is the real reason why mass shootings keep happening.
The former Arkansas governor gets hit with a history lesson on social media.
Trump even resorted at one point to retweeting himself.
The former Arkansas governor said marriage equality threatens the U.S. Others criticized "these dangerous, exclusionary voices" in the Christian church.
"His stamina is simply remarkable," the former governor said about the president.
“How many years have black people been saying police in America are extreme?”
While discussing the president's phone call with a 7-year-old girl, Huckabee referenced the 1987 erotic thriller "Fatal Attraction," as you do.
The former Arkansas governor commented on the high turnover of White House staff.
The congresswoman-elect said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is "much better" at lying than her father.
Swifties roasted the former Arkansas governor for shrugging off the singer's support for Phil Bredesen in the U.S. Senate race in Tennessee.
The Trump administration wants to restrict access to the ballot box, but Sanders once sued to overturn a ban on student voting.
The White House press secretary was asked to leave The Red Hen in Virginia.
The comment came two days after Pelosi criticized Donald Trump's family separation policy.
"Mike Huckabee seems intent on trying to one-up Trump in bad behavior."
"Democrats fire harassers. Republicans promote them. #GroperInTheWhiteHouse"