Mike McLelland

Prosecutor Toby Shook said a tentative plea deal has been reached but specifics won't be disclosed until the agreement is
The Texas county where two prosecutors were fatally shot has a new district attorney. “You can’t be fearful. You just have
Authorities in Texas arrested a man late Tuesday night after he allegedly left threatening messages on a hotline intended
PHOTOS: The Texas district attorney killed in his home three days ago was shot 20 times, according to an unnamed federal
LOOK: Concentration of gang activity in Texas TX Gang Threat Assessment The study found that overall gang activity is growing
While not well known outside of law enforcement and analysis circles until recently, the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas (ABT) has emerged as one of the most violent domestic extremist groups and crime syndicates in the nation.
The north Texas district attorney found murdered with his wife yesterday had been carrying a gun to guard against possible
Mike McLelland said he was disturbed by what he called the “fairy-taling” he’s heard in the days since the slaying — that