Mike Pence

Twitter users hammered the vice president for hypocrisy, recalling how he left an NFL game because players took a knee during the national anthem.
President Donald Trump blamed Gov. Roy Cooper’s “shutdown mood” and said he’ll move August’s Republican National Convention unless the state allows a full arena.
"I wouldn’t hesitate to take the counsel of my doctor," the vice president said a day after President Trump said he was taking the unproved drug.
Dr. Jennifer Peña told MSNBC on Friday that "leadership has to come from the top, and we have to lead by example.”
The comedian ripped the "MAGA hats" who attacked his family with “horrible, hateful, sometimes violent" social media posts.
The White House is dealing with a coronavirus outbreak after President Donald Trump’s valet and Vice President Mike Pence’s spokesperson both tested positive.
Administration officials fear the coronavirus is spreading through the West Wing.
The vice president walked in without a mask shortly after learning his press secretary had tested positive for COVID-19.
The vice president's spokesperson, Katie Miller, tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday.
The Justice Department dropped charges against Flynn this week after he previously pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.