Mike Pence

Short-time White House communications director says lawmakers should urge Trump's family to persuade the president to step aside for Mike Pence.
The former U.N. ambassador did a bad job of stopping the chatter but a great job of creating a meme.
Trump said the vice president had been "outstanding" and that many people had "great respect" for the man.
"Words matter and facts matter," Ellen Weintraub wrote to the president after he baselessly claimed that he lost New Hampshire due to fraudulent votes.
“Celebrate & respect your Irish migrant roots by ending the cruelty & racism of your regime," said one Twitter user.
The Vanity Fair contributor tweeted a hilarious response to a journalist, leading some on Twitter to call her a "queen."
The vice president abruptly called off a scheduled Air Force Two trip to visit a New Hampshire drug treatment center.
The vice president neglected to speak out against the racist line when given the opportunity in a recent interview.
"To say one person can represent all the communities of color is ignorant and insulting," one prominent Asian American civil rights advocate said.
Former state Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller Jr. is the second Republican in the race to say he follows the "Billy Graham rule."
Marc Short told Fox News people need to "look at the reality at who’s actually serving in Donald Trump’s Cabinet."
Sir Kim Darroch called Trump's actions "diplomatic vandalism," according to new cables obtained by the Daily Mail.
"Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does," notes one person to the overtly pious vice president.
The vice president was confronted during an interview with an image of the overcrowding. Instead of addressing it, he dismissed it.
The president hit the retweet button hard on Saturday morning. Once again.
Some of the men shouted to reporters that they were hungry or wanted to brush their teeth. The Texas facility had no shower until Thursday, a federal agent said.
"The level of your hypocrisy is amazing. You laud your immigrant journey while doing nothing to stop the cruelty at our southern border," replied one Twitter user.
The Fox News host said kids detained at the U.S.-Mexico border are sleeping "on concrete floors without blankets, toothpaste, soap or diapers."
The “Morning Joe” host said Mike Pence should reacquaint himself with what the Bible says about caring for children.