Mike Pence

His refusal to carry out Donald Trump’s demands staved off a constitutional crisis at the very least, and possibly national violence unseen since the Civil War.
The late night host envisioned how the former vice president will go down in history.
In a rare speech, the former vice president shrugged off Trump’s role in stirring up Capitol rioters, even though some were calling for his murder.
The late-night host finds "a healthier work environment" for the former vice president.
“America is not a racist country,” the former vice president said at the annual Hillsborough County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in New Hampshire.
The former vice president tells Republicans not to let Democrats and the news media divide them over the U.S. Capitol attack.
"We are family. But they tried to kill you, not me," goes a parody version of Sister Sledge's "We Are Family."
The congressman opposed investigating the Jan. 6 attack, even though his brother, former Vice President Mike Pence, was targeted.
Rep. Greg Pence (R-Ind.) is against an independent panel to investigate the incident, where a mob was advocating hanging his brother.
One day after launching his new “communications platform,” Trump assailed his former vice president, along with Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney.