Mike Pence

Marc Short was at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and accompanied Pence as he fled his post and hid from rioters who were calling for his hanging.
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" comedian also teased GOP Sen. Ted Cruz and put former Vice President Mike Pence into the new "Magic Mike" movie.
The vice president's former counsel, Greg Jacob, has accused John Eastman of spinning lies to pressure Pence to "betray" his oath of office.
The late-night host tears into the former vice president.
The Wyoming Republican instead praised Trump for bringing "a lot of energy to the party."
The president was totally fine with a mob wanting to kill his vice president, according to a newly released interview.
In a new audio clip, Donald Trump stood up for his supporters who chanted “Hang Mike Pence” on Jan. 6.
ABC's Jonathan Karl predicts the House select 6 committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack will be looking to get hold of this next.
"The ‘siege’ is because YOU and your boss did not do what was necessary," John Eastman emailed Pence's aide as rioters barged through the Capitol.
Pence was too much of an "establishment guy" to ignore the results of a legitimate presidential vote, John Eastman said on video.
The former vice president claimed the media was using "one day in January" to demean Trump supporters.
The CNN anchor slammed the former vice president for “trying to rewrite history and pave his way to his own presidential run."
The former vice president's "demean the character" claim got the treatment on Twitter.
The late-night host shows how Mike Pence could've pulled it off.
UPDATE: Sept. 23 — Marc Short filed his financial disclosure form before leaving his position as Pence’s chief of staff. The
The "Late Show" host says this newly revealed Trump threat "must've been tough to hear" for his once-loyal sidekick.
The former vice president reportedly convinced Mike Pence he couldn't throw out the election results in order to keep Trump in power.
A new book shines fresh light on the final days of the Trump administration, when a top general feared the president had gone into "serious mental decline."
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host also spotted the Pence line that may make ex-President Donald Trump "very angry."