Mike Pence

The late-night host shows how Mike Pence could've pulled it off.
UPDATE: Sept. 23 — Marc Short filed his financial disclosure form before leaving his position as Pence’s chief of staff. The
The "Late Show" host says this newly revealed Trump threat "must've been tough to hear" for his once-loyal sidekick.
The former vice president reportedly convinced Mike Pence he couldn't throw out the election results in order to keep Trump in power.
A new book shines fresh light on the final days of the Trump administration, when a top general feared the president had gone into "serious mental decline."
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host also spotted the Pence line that may make ex-President Donald Trump "very angry."
Trump reportedly asked if "Mike" was OK while praising insurrectionists and ripping Pence for lacking the "courage" to overturn the presidential election.
Pence "snarled" and "leaned toward the president and pointed a finger a few inches from his chest," according to Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender.
For now, a central question in Republican politics is whether Donald Trump, who continues to advance lies about his loss last year to Joe Biden, will run again.
Former Vice President Mike Pence said he was still “proud” of certifying the 2020 election, even if his former boss is not.