Mike Pompeo

The secretary of state lumped multiculturalism in with "woke-ism" as agents of U.S. downfall.
The secretary of state's tweet comes on same day that the president is facing impeachment for inciting last week’s insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.
The secretary of state canceled his final Europe trip after European Union officials are too “embarrassed” to meet with him.
European diplomats have essentially shunned the U.S. secretary of state.
Democrats and Republicans in Congress want the Voice of America to reinstate Patsy Widakuswara as a White House correspondent.
"There is not enough space in this newspaper to chronicle all of Pompeo’s falsehoods," Max Boot wrote in The Washington Post.
"I think we’re leaving the world safer than when we came in," the secretary of state told Bloomberg.
The secretary of state really loves the hashtag #swagger. But does he actually know what it means?
"Russia, Russia, Russia is the chant when anything happens," Trump tweeted after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Russia is "pretty clearly" behind the attack.
Experts fear it will take months to kick elite hackers out of the U.S. government networks they have been quietly rifling through since as far back as March.