The Minnesota representative was seen jamming with other elected officials at an event during Congressional Black Caucus week in Washington, D.C.
Gabriel Lyle Schroeder was found to be in possession of an alcohol container and appeared to be impaired.
“We have your back,” some of her supporters shouted in Minnesota as others chanted, "Welcome home!"
A wellness program in north Minneapolis could become a model for the nation — delivering affordable, accessible fitness and nutrition where it’s needed most.
The bureau said a University of Minnesota student may have "intentionally" been handling the biological toxin.
Justine Damond, an Australian woman engaged to be married, was shot outside her home after calling 911 to report a possible crime.
The fringe-right grifter allegedly threatened himself with a false Twitter account and then reported those posts to police.
"We're all sick of all this snow," said the St. Paul mayor of his challenge to Minneapolis leaders.
Police used DNA on the napkin to link Jerry Westrom to the stabbing of a Minneapolis woman more than 25 years ago.
Prosecutors say the suspects hatched a scheme to steal money meant to help homeless Minnesotans find housing.
The makeshift ornaments included a Newport cigarette pack, a cup from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and police tape.
“It just brought back memories. From slavery,” a neighbor said.
Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor killed Damond in July after she called 911.
Police removed at least 17 demonstrators standing on tracks or locking themselves to a station platform to protest police brutality.
Despite plastic bag bans in places like California showing signs of success, a growing number of states are enacting prohibitions