Police tried to pull the woman over, but a construction zone helped her for them.
Erin Maye Quade withdrew from the nomination process for her state Senate race to go to the hospital. But should organizers have postponed the convention?
A Minnesota state Senate candidate went into labor while giving a speech at a Democratic convention.
Michael McWhorter and Joe Morris received sentences far below the 35-year mandatory minimum after victims and prosecutors asked for leniency.
Animal activist Alicia Santurio, trending as #GlueGirl, laughed about her stunt afterward, even though she had a serious motive.
George Floyd's family attorneys held a press conference prior to Derek Chauvin’s trial.
“There’s still so much work that needs to be done.” Former police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd, but experts say it’s just the beginning of police accountability.
Minneapolis prosecutors announced Wednesday that they've declined to press charges against the SWAT officer who fatally shot the 22-year-old.
Till's relatives want authorities to prosecute a white woman at the center of the case from the very beginning.
Teachers in the neighboring St. Paul School District announced a tentative agreement late Monday night to avert a strike that had also been scheduled to start Tuesday.