Vikings coach Rick Dennison may be out of a job after saying no to the vaccine.
Twenty other states currently prohibit the practice that psychologists say is harmful to young people.
Officials warned people to stop illegally leaving their unwanted fish in ponds and lakes because they compete with native species for food.
There have been protests in Uptown since the June 3 shooting of Winston Boogie Smith Jr. by members of a federal U.S. Marshals Service task force.
Two members of a U.S. Marshals task force fatally shot Winston Boogie Smith Jr. while he was inside a parked vehicle, authorities said.
Rob Refsnyder makes the highlight reels for all the wrong reasons.
A federal jury found Brett Palkowitsch guilty of kicking Frank Baker and letting a police dog attack him after Baker was mistaken for a robbery suspect.
It's a key communication skill for wolves.
The Brooklyn Center City Council passed a progressive resolution that will serve as a road map for the city and other areas to overhaul its public safety system.
The Minnesota Department of Corrections announced that its internal investigation into Sgt. Paul Gorder had been completed.