Hot air balloons above Kenya, flooding in Texas and some striking art exhibits round out this week's collection of best images.
St. Paul police are continuing to investigate incidents that unfolded on Labor Day during the fair's final hours.
"You need to have protection of our borders and you need people to do that," the Vermont senator said at the Minnesota State Fair.
About 12,000 people showed up at the Democratic presidential hopeful's town hall at Macalester College in St. Paul, according to her campaign.
Minnesota Farmers Union president calls the agriculture secretary's dig "very insensitive. It took everyone by surprise."
The Minnesota Vikings star jokingly said the team didn't scout rookie Garrett Bradbury's perspiring posterior, but his sweating is a concern.
Authorities charged the singer and accused serial sexual abuser with two counts of prostitution and solicitation involving a girl under 18 in 2001.
A Minnesota police officer was surprised after he caught a driver breaking a new texting and driving law by… texting about the law.
Racist, inflammatory and inaccurate content has circulated on far right blogs, news sites and social media accounts.
Rep. Ilhan Omar was welcomed back to Minnesota by giant crowds after a week of racist attacks by the president of the United States.
“We have your back,” some of her supporters shouted in Minnesota as others chanted, "Welcome home!"
Amazon workers in Minnesota and other places around the world walked off the job to protest what they've decried as odious and unsafe working conditions.
The illnesses come as beaches across the state and country battle elevated levels of bacteria, including E. coli.
Minnesota's Jack Baker and Mike McConnell obtained a marriage license in 1971, but their road to wedded bliss wasn't an easy one.
Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar said McCain offered the list while they sat together as Trump was sworn into office.
Environmentalists fear the risky operation by a subsidiary of the Chilean mining company Antofagasta will destroy public lands in Minnesota.
The brand's CEO, Mike Lindell, penned an op-ed last year where he claimed "Trump is winning" for Minnesotans. Now, he's laying off employees for a new business venture.
Three Muslim employees have filed a federal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Richard Painter, former chief ethics lawyer for George W. Bush, said the arrangement "looks bad."
The Minnesota congresswoman knows there are people who want her to stop talking. “The joke is on them. Because that is never going to happen," she says.