Missing Persons

Tennessee authorities are searching for Eliza Fletcher, who was forced into a vehicle while running near the University of Memphis campus.
Jagger Westfall said his girlfriend — who went missing for weeks after a party at a Sierra Nevada campground — is now “forever a physical part of me.”
Police in Montgomery, Texas, say they have identified the distressed-looking woman in the doorbell surveillance video.
Holly Marie Clouse, who reportedly was left at a church as a baby by robed religious followers, was found after her family's cold-case murder was reopened.
Vicky White, official at an Alabama prison, went missing along with a man she was escorting to the courthouse who was being held on capital murder charges.
Officials discovered Cassie Carli's body in Alabama a week after she disappeared following a child custody hand-off with the man who is now a suspect.
Oscar Alejandro Hernandez was found dead in a Los Angeles park next to his devoted dog, King, who was alive but tired and hungry.
When it comes to missing people, the media seems to be biased towards a certain racial demographic. Thousands of cases never make the news, but why? Janet has an important and emotional conversation with guests Derrick Butler, Natalie Wilson, Ava Greenwell and Gaetane Borders.
The woman was described as hidden beneath clothing and other debris as temperatures plunged. She was taken to a hospital in serious condition, police said.