The police department is accused of arresting people without justification, using illegal roadblocks to stop Black drivers, and more.
Reeves’ Democratic opponent, Brandon Presley, ran on expanding Medicaid and cleaning up corruption.
The Republican governor faced a barrage of attacks from Democratic challenger Brandon Presley at their only debate.
“For six months, she didn’t know where he was at,” attorney Ben Crump said of Bettersten Wade, Dexter Wade’s mother.
For Brandon Presley, the path to the governorship runs through the state’s sizable population of Black voters.
Police suspect that James Fulgham attempted to cover up the deaths of Zina Williams and 7-year-old Zaccheus by setting their home on fire.
The pearl darter will once again swim in its historic range in the Pearl River of Mississippi and Louisiana.
Fabian Nelson's primary runoff victory comes on the heels of a historic wave of restrictions passed by GOP-controlled legislatures targeting the rights of trans people.
The Senatobia officer is “no longer employed” after taking part in the arrest and jailing of the boy after he urinated in a parking lot, the city’s police chief said.
A Mississippi judge decided local police made too many errors.