No more than 10 people are allowed inside Gov. Tate Reeves' mansion at one time under an executive order he signed. Parties are planned anyway.
The new flag features the magnolia, the state flower.
Magnolia State voters accepted a new state flag design to replace the old Confederate battle emblem.
The storm, which killed six people, also caused power outages in seven states.
Zeta is the 27th named storm of a historically busy Atlantic hurricane season.
Forecasters say Tropical Storm Sally is expected to become a hurricane on Monday and reach shore by early Tuesday.
Flowers was wrongly convicted of killing four people in 1996. The U.S. Supreme Court tossed out his conviction and death sentence in June 2019.
At least eight people have tested positive for COVID-19 after in-person classes resumed last week.
These counties had high rates of lynchings. Now their schools are more likely to paddle Black children, a new study reveals.