They're yanking the extra $300 and other benefits Congress put in place during the pandemic.
Missouri’s fight over Medicaid expansion isn’t the first time the Legislature and voters have bumped heads over ballot measures in recent years.
Eric Greitens resigned in 2018 amid allegations of sexual misconduct and campaign finance violations. He's now back, labeling himself a “fierce defender” of Trump.
Brandon Boulware, an attorney and father of four, spoke out against a state proposal that would ban trans athletes from women's sports earlier this month.
Lucas Kunce, a crusader against corporate consolidation, joins a potentially crowded Democratic field in a solidly Republican state.
A Missouri pastor is under fire for saying that all women need to look nice for their husbands and be more like “epic trophy wife” Melania Trump.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board ripped the Republican senators for "bringing additional embarrassment to the state."
Rep. Tricia Derges is accused of falsely promoting a stem cell treatment that she said could treat various diseases, including COVID-19.
Former Sen. John Danforth, a Republican, has no time for Hawley's excuses.
At 17, Helen Viola Jackson married 93-year-old James Bolin, who served as a private in the Missouri Cavalry.