Schmitt was a front-runner in the race, holding a double-digit lead in most polls in the week leading up to Election Day.
Jana Elementary School is shutting down after a study funded by law firms found contamination in classrooms, the playground and elsewhere.
The report confirmed fears of contamination at the elementary school, which is located near where nuclear weapons were produced during World War II.
Police in Kansas City, Missouri, previously called fears of someone kidnapping and killing Black women and girls "unfounded."
The woman, found wearing a collar, said she was able to escape after Timothy M. Haslett left the house to take his child to school, authorities said.
Duane Hansen may have broken the Guinness World Record by paddling an 846-pound pumpkin he turned into a makeshift boat down the Missouri River.
Parents in the Cassville School District "don’t want their students suspended. They want another option,” the superintendent said.
Abby, a 14-year-old poodle-hound mix, managed to survive nearly 60 days out on her own, much of it in a barren, pitch-dark, 58-degree Fahrenheit cave.
Trudy Busch Valentine, a moderate, will face a tough general election in November.