Mitch Daniels

Indiana’s booming program highlights the benefits and battles over vouchers.
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In a strongly-worded letter sent late Thursday to Purdue University president Mitch Daniels, Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and
Pence is nothing but a Republican talking points machine, now augmented by lines about how great Donald Trump is and how he hears the heartbeat of the American public. So, who is Hillary going to pick?
I firmly believe the pendulum swing in American politics is real, and I believed that in some swing toward the Democrats in the future, Beau would be president. That's how I'm going to remember him.
The Committee on Freedom of Expression, a faculty group at the University of Chicago, was organized in July 2014 following
His focus in the last email remained on professional development for state teachers, and did not mention removing Zinn's
Politicians repeat deceptive talking points about broken schools while ignoring the elephant of poverty and racism in the room. So-called educational reform has been an failure and even Estee Lauder herself couldn't make this a pretty picture.
Ever since your anti-Zinn witch hunt, copies of A People's History in Indiana libraries and bookstores have flown off the shelves, Not only does my book, like Zinn's, celebrate radicals and dissenters as the true heroes of American history, but Zinn is actually one of the 100 people I profile in its pages!
Mitch Daniels's attempt to erase Zinn from the Indiana curriculum unveils him as an anti-intellectual who is clueless about the discipline of History as well as the historical profession.
Although Daniels pledged himself to promote academic freedom when he was officially appointed to the Purdue presidency at the beginning of the year, recently released emails prove that as governor, he tried to ban the writings of Zinn from Indiana University's assigned reading lists.
As someone who spent almost 30 years as a high school history teacher, I'm amused by the impoverished pedagogical vision embedded by Mitch Daniels.
But unlike similarly high-dollar foundation awards, such as MacArthur Fellowships, better known as MacArthur genius grants
  By Dave Levinthal The Center for Public Integrity The decision, confirmed to the Center by a Purdue official, will involve
Daniels should tell the APSCU members that they should curb their arrogant lobbying campaign, improve their programs, and halt their misconduct.
Recovery will not be easy, and will likely follow the famous five steps Kubler-Ross describe in the aftermath of a death in the family: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Republicans are stuck on stage one, denial, and can't move forward.
The most remarkable losses were in Indiana and Missouri, where the GOP had been looking at near-certain wins until their
Out of the ashes of the Second World War emerged a Utopia vision -- rather than solve problems through military means, we could maintain the peace by investing across borders and promoting human rights.