Mitch McConnell

Top Republican senators and Fox News offered Pelosi rare support after she landed on the self-governing island, which China claims as its territory.
The Pennsylvania senator led Republican opposition to benefits championed by Stewart for military veterans exposed to toxic burn pits.
The Kentucky Republican said the Senate wouldn't pass a computer chip bill if Democrats pursued budget reconciliation, but it did and they are.
Asked if he would support former President Donald Trump in the next election, the Senate GOP leader said the party will have a "crowded field" to choose from.
Initially a bipartisan priority, helping Ukraine stop Russia is becoming a harder sell for Republicans.
Economists warn of possible collateral damage as the central bank hikes interest rates to kill inflation.
The Senate Republican leader voted for a bipartisan semiconductor bill but said he'll oppose it if Democrats try to advance a new version of Build Back Better.
The deal, first reported by the Louisville Courier-Journal, would see McConnell promise not to hold up any of Biden's future federal nominations.
When we talk about the judicial system, the Supreme Court gets all of the attention. But the Trump administration has been quietly pushing through dozens of Circuit Court judges, many of whom are extremely conservative and some that have even been rated as “Unqualified” by the American Bar Association. So who are these judges and what’s so important about circuit courts?
The proposed deal includes expanded background checks for people under 21 and money for law enforcement, schools and mental health resources.