Mitch McConnell

Party officials warn that grassroots fundraising by Democrats may be swamped by big checks collected by Mitch McConnell allies.
Many GOP senators have privately said they’d like to avoid voting on new spending.
The actor spelled out a key difference between the president and Democratic nominee Joe Biden with his latest cartoon.
More coronavirus relief would possibly help Donald Trump, but it would definitely help millions of struggling workers.
During the only debate with his Democratic challenger, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell chuckled when confronted with the Senate’s inaction on additional coronavirus relief.
The Senator majority leader is called out for failing to pass additional relief measures to help Americans struggling through the pandemic.
A small-dollar donation surge is turning deep red states into major Senate battlegrounds as Democrats seek total control of the federal government.
The Kentucky Republican said the Trump administration is "paying the price" for not socially distancing and wearing masks.
The actor/comic/artist takes on the Senate majority leader in his latest caricature.
The Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate is running the spot on Cincinnati TV stations, potentially complicating Joe Biden’s efforts to win Ohio.