Mohammed ElBaradei

Sisi has had two years of unlimited power and support to build a political base. During this time, he received $39.5 billion in cash, loans and petrol derivatives from three Gulf states up to January of last year. Since then, the figure may have risen closer to $50 billion. If any leader had the opportunity to remake politics in his image, it was him. Instead, the opposite has happened.
El Baradei, former head of the U.N. nuclear agency and co-leader of the secular National Salvation Front, was the most prominent
In a resignation letter to Interim President Adly Mansour, ElBaradei said that "the beneficiaries of what happened today
CAIRO, July 8 (Reuters) - Egyptian liberal politician Mohamed ElBaradei said the country was in "dire need" of reconciliation
Egypt needed private investment, but to attract that it needed political consensus, something he said was lacking under the
For them, there are "Dictator Tips" - a primer developed by one management consultant intended to help ensure the longevity
Wael Ghonim's honor and honesty stands in stark contrast to the callow smear campaign escalated this week by the Mubarak regime against Tahrir Square's democracy protesters.
President Hosni Mubarak's Tuesday declaration that he would not run for re-election in September did not satisfy the anti
One thing I've learned in the past two years in the United States is that democracy is messy. You've got the Muslim Brotherhood
Why is Mr. Obama not paying attention to the piece of the Reagan legacy in the Philippines that we'll call "dealing effectively with a dictator who's lost his grip?"