The president's son apparently hunted with a major GOP donor and bagged a rare sheep.
During a summer 2019 hunting trip, Donald Trump Jr. killed a rare argali sheep. The Mongolian government issued him a hunting permit retroactively and he met with the country’s president.
The deaths occurred in a remote part of Mongolia, where locals believe eating raw rodent kidney is good for their health.
By Ed Yong On Wednesday, a team of scientists unveiled a newly discovered dinosaur that had the body and sickle-clawed feet
Corrupt officials, tax cheats, and the financial backers of terrorism have one thing in common: they often exploit vulnerabilities
If so, we need a multisector, multidisciplinary approach.
One in five women in Mongolia is subject to domestic abuse. Now a new law gives the police more power and responsibility
You don't want to be a fox when a golden eagle's around.
Kumgansan Gobi desert, ger camp Nagano Komodo Mongolia Guilin Putussibau Floating torii gate, Hatsukaichi Japan Manado Brunei
We should also take a look at the recent relationship with neighboring Mongolia. According to Chinese media, Mongolia had
It triggers an epizootic -- a disease event involving a species of animal in a specific area -- rather than an epidemic, a
And communities that receive the socioeconomic benefits of their energy sector when the benefits of the company are reinvested
Wedding Palace, 2013 / Silver Gelatine Print ©Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs / Courtesy RaebervonStenglin and Sies+Hoeke Filmstill
The restaurants are large moneymakers for the North Korean government, and provide hard foreign cash currency that is otherwise
Their wrestler was denied a bronze medal for "fleeing" his opponent, believing the match was over and that he had won.
Several imponderables could confound the forecasts. The first is the zika virus, which has discouraged some athletes from