California Gov. Gavin Newsom declares state of emergency as flames roar toward homes.
Heavy winds caused a dust storm with "zero visibility" that led to a massive pileup of vehicles on Montana's Interstate 90.
Busted pipeline poured more than 50,000 gallons of crude into Montana's Yellowstone River.
Beloved national park is facing its biggest challenge in decades after massive flooding.
A photo showed Greg Gianforte and his wife dining in Italy just minutes after his office said he was returning to the state “as quickly as possible.”
Heavy rainfall and snowmelt caused devastating flooding through Yellowstone National Park, leaving extensive damage to roads and communities.
His Democratic opponent, Monica Tranel, has asked the U.S. attorney’s office in Montana to launch an investigation.
"The name change is long overdue," said Piikani Nation Chief Stan Grier in a statement.
Widely considered the front-runner, the former congressman and Trump official actually barely eked out a victory in a new Montana district's GOP primary.
Many of Tuesday's contests will be shaped by political fissures in both major parties and the lingering shadow of former President Trump.