The Fox host got an earful when he popped into a fly fishing store.
Montana GOP Gov. Greg Gianforte isn’t interested in helping combat climate change, but wants federal assistance to deal with its worsening impacts.
Florida, Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia have been added to a list of 17 states where state employee travel is forbidden.
The liaison for the controversial audit arranged by Republicans conceded the data may contain "sensitive" personal information about voters.
Detective Sgt. Jon Kadner, who took over the case in 2012, said it was the oldest case he could find nationwide that has been solved using forensic genealogy.
Montana is canceling the extra $300 per week for unemployed workers along with benefits for gig workers and the long-term jobless.
Then the Mexican cartels took over, complained Daines, who still remembers the better old days.
The newly elected Republican was let off with a warning and was allowed to keep its skull and hide.
Lawmakers' proposals in Montana, Tennessee and other states run counter to Biden's executive order prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity.
"Some of the customers I’d been friendly with for years seemed to hold no respect not only for our policies but for our health and safety behind the counter."