The young black bear was unfazed by attempts to move him, choosing to kick back in the sink instead.
A witness said she heard a "pop" and then saw the 13-year-old lying on the ground and bleeding out of his ears.
Police in Medford, Oregon, said Montana authorities reported finding the body Sunday thought to be that of 2-year-old Aiden Salcido.
The Treasure State looks poised to permit its first new copper mine in decades. Sandfire says it will raise the environmental bar — a promise Montanans have heard before.
The senator said his fellow Montana Democrat could put “politics aside” and bring the country together.
Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte admitted to body-slamming a reporter on the eve of winning a 2017 special election.
The 2020 Democratic hopeful says he’s serious about fighting climate change. Progressives worry he’d take a “middle ground” approach.
The Democratic governor joins a crowded field of more than 20 candidates aiming to beat Trump in the race for president.
Montana Gov. Steve Bullock is little-known, but thinks a progressive record in a deep-red state will stand out to voters.
The Montana women were told their accents and language were suspicious at a convenience store near the U.S.-Canada border.
The bill's introduction borrows from the song's lyrics in saying: "WHEREAS, Montanans shake it to the left and shake it to the right and do everything with all of their might."
The tobacco industry put in $17.2 million to oppose a Medicaid ballot measure in Montana. Proponents raised $9.7 million.
Voters in Idaho, Nebraska and Utah recently approved plans to extend health insurance to 331,000.
Democrats can win in rural states, but the formula isn’t easy to replicate.
Adam Owen Grady cited the Bible in his complaint against Missoula County jail, claiming God gave people “every herb bearing seed.”
Conservation groups are hailing the victories as a rebuke of the Trump administration’s policies.
The Trump administration must carry out a valid environmental review before the project can proceed, rules a U.S. District Court judge in Montana.
The senator stood up to Donald Trump and won in a state where the president is overwhelmingly popular.