Apparently, planet-warming fossil fuels take priority over Montanans’ constitutionally protected right to a “clean and healthful environment.”
The verdict may serve as a stepping stone for other legal decisions regarding climate change and the environment.
Samples were taken from launch facilities at Malmstrom Air Force Base, where a striking number of people have reported cancer diagnoses.
The river otter attack occurred on a remote stretch of the Jefferson River that's popular with anglers and recreational floaters.
A federal judge in Montana has temporarily blocked a new law that puts restrictions on drag performances just days before Montana Pride's 30th anniversary celebration.
Alicia Navarro walked into a small Montana police station four years after she was reported missing from her Arizona home when she was 14.
The collapse of the second-story patio floor of Billings’ Briarwood Country Club caused head wounds, broken ribs and other injuries as people landed atop each other.
The lawsuit challenges Montana's first-in-the-nation law that bans people dressed in drag from reading to children in public schools or libraries.
The man landed an 18-year prison sentence for his mass shooting plot.
"I thought back to the times I was home alone, forced to hide in a coat closet while my strange neighbor knocked on my door and peered through the windows."