Morning Joe

"He believes in his political survival," the California Democrat said of Trump's new statement on abortion.
The former Republican National Committee chair just got hired by NBC News and made her debut.
Deutsch, who is Jewish, also gave a reality check to Jewish Americans who support the former president.
“Let’s be clear: Donald Trump is using the stereotype of Blacks being criminals,” Rev. Al Sharpton said.
“It’s time that fascism is called fascism and Americans know exactly what they’re voting for,” said the “Morning Joe” cohost.
The former senator reacted to a new NBC News poll that showed Donald Trump narrowly leading Joe Biden.
Joe Scarborough excoriated the ex-president for his clueless remarks, which co-host Willie Geist also called "repulsive."
"We have more mass shootings in America every year than we have days in the year," the MSNBC host said.
It “doesn’t pass the laugh test,” said Willie Geist.
MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-hosts ripped the contest as "a mess," "sloppy" and "chaotic."