Written by Basem Al Absi Houthi and Saleh militias are still using Yemen civilians as human shields while they continue to
A coordinated hunger strike by Iranian political prisoners is gaining international support and reminding the world that the Iranian dissident movement is far from defeated.
The human rights of Pakistani women are not up for debate. Their bodies are not at your mercy, their minds are not yours to condition, and they certainly do not require the CII to tell them how to speak or when to shower.
When it comes to human rights activism, digital games are usually not the first thing to come to mind. Yet in this age of
Iraq is a country that has been through a lot--both during the Saddam regime and after his collapse.
Blogging, the now popular form of online journaling, began in the mid-90s and has exploded ever since. In 2013 it was estimated that there are 152 million blogs around the globe.
Crowdsourcing the struggle for human rights. Be part of the solution at The views expressed are the author's
Self-awareness and the courage to accept your own shortcomings are imperative first steps to any improvement we can hope for in ridding British society, and the world, of the plague that is extremism.
The discrimination, criminalization and oppression of the LGBT community, especially the trans community in Malaysia should be brought to an end.
For instance, regressive liberal apologists block any fruitful discussion about Islamist terrorism. They deny the fact that