Located in a county beset by MS-13 violence, the Patchogue-Medford school district has revamped bilingual education and staffing.
A new poll suggests the president may be succeeding in inflating the perception of the gang's national risk.
The Trump administration has repeatedly misled the public about undocumented immigrants, family separations and its zero tolerance policy.
The comment came two days after Pelosi criticized Donald Trump's family separation policy.
The president often talks about criminals that his administration finds and deports. But a lot of noncriminals are being swept up too.
"No one leaves their home frivolously and everyone deserves a chance at what we were lucky enough to be born into."
Its tactics are vicious, but it isn't "taking over" the country.
Miguel Angel Lopez-Abrego, 19, is believed to be one of 10 people who lured a man to his death in Maryland.
The president is using MS-13 as a political wedge to advance an anti-immigrant agenda.