The progressive senator's gaffe on MSNBC had a ring of deja vu.
The MSNBC host spotted a bad sign for the Florida governor's 2024 presidential hopes.
The MSNBC host said the Trump-supporting House Republican was "out of moves" against the Manhattan DA.
The actor and comedian reveals she "didn't know how to empower herself" in a forthcoming MSNBC special, "The Culture Is: AAPI Women."
The MSNBC anchor summed up the former president's fundraising off his looming arrest with a single word.
The "Morning Joe" anchor called B.S. on a report that the former president is relishing his current legal predicament.
"But we really shouldn’t be surprised, should we?” asked Steele, explaining how Trump used his well-worn playbook to shape the story of his expected arrest.
Attorney Drew Findling had a hard time citing actual evidence that Trump didn't break the law in Georgia.
The MSNBC host didn't hold back about the former president following his Truth Social post that claimed he would be arrested on Tuesday.
"How can history hold anyone accountable if a key witness is actively undermining that search for truth?” the MSNBC host asked.