During the report, the network aired archived video of U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi.
Donald Trump's senior policy adviser should never be taken seriously again, the MSNBC anchor commented.
"I can’t go on a channel that pumps out what is akin to white nationalist propaganda every night," Hasan said on a Mediaite podcast.
NBC’s “Meet The Press” failed to have Asian representation on a panel about anti-Asian representation.
“I mean this is some masochistic stuff right here," the MSNBC anchor said of Republicans who just keep prostrating themselves before the ex-president.
During an interview on MSNBC, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that a 10-day motorcycle rally in Florida could become a virus superspreader event.
The MSNBC anchor likened the “blizzard of lies” to a Fox News cold open, a Trump tweetstorm and “the kind of right-wing TV show” mainlined by the GOP base.
During an interview on MSNBC, Chuck Todd schooled Republican Lauren Mace (R-SC) after she said Trump’s impeachment was unconstitutional.
The far-right company got the bill after Maddow noted that an OAN journalist also worked for Russian state media.
The MSNBC host came down hard on Mark Zuckerberg's company, labeling it a "reckless as hell" monopoly with "no accountability."