Murder and Manslaughter

Authorities say the search for a New Hampshire girl who disappeared at age 5 in 2019 but was not reported missing until late last year is now considered a homicide investigation.
Courtney Clenney was arrested on a charge of second-degree murder in the April death of Christian Obumseli in Miami.
The Justice Department says Iran engaged in a murder-for-hire scheme targeting the former national security advisor.
More than two years after George Floyd’s murder, Tucker Carlson is still trying to find someone other than the killer to blame.
Pomaski, 29, was last seen in April 2021 at a house party in a Houston suburb. Her remains were found months after she was reported missing.
African authorities reportedly believe that Delia Owens may have information about the shooting death of a suspected poacher during her conservation work.
Eric R. Holder Jr. killed the legendary rapper in front of his Marathon clothing store in March 2019.
The four bodies were recovered not long after the children's father was found dead in his home.
Christopher Schurr, a seven-year veteran of the Grand Rapids Police Department, was dismissed one day after being charged with second-degree murder.
After he was shot dead, fans of rapper Nipsey Hussle remembered all that he did for the South L.A. community.