During a 2016 tea party meeting, Mark Green told an audience that he didn’t want public school students in Tennessee to learn about the Islamic faith.
Community members said the incident appeared to be a pointed and coordinated attempt to intimidate Muslims in New Jersey.
Exclusive footage obtained by HuffPost shows a truck parading anti-Muslism images outside a mosque in New Jersey.
From the Muslim ban to the family separations at the U.S.-Mexico border, President Donald Trump’s harsh immigration policies have made it harder and more expensive to immigrate or seek asylum in America.
In a letter exclusively shared with HuffPost, lawmakers led by Rep. Ilhan Omar and Sen. Elizabeth Warren urged the Treasury Department to “modernize” policies.
Wahab tapped into what she learned growing up in the foster care system to win her race and become the first Afghan American elected to the state Senate.
In 2018, a Muslim blue wave emerged in response to Trump. Four years later, many Muslim American candidates are prepping for long careers.
Clashes in India between Hindu nationalists and minority religious groups, particularly Muslims, have sparked tensions online and in person in the diaspora.
The rapper sported a head-to-toe look that covered her entire face.
In most of the 200 scripted shows that researchers analyzed, Muslim characters were typically violent, dehumanized or disparaged — if they existed at all.