The move comes a day after the Commerce Department blacklisted 28 Chinese companies, citing concerns about the detention and abuse of Muslim minorities.
Plus: Chanel Miller tells her own story after Brock Turner trial.
When Fatima Asmaa Paciotti first began selling Muslim clothing in this northern Italy town, many right-wing locals were skeptical.
“When I send my son to school, I want to be a million percent sure that he's not going to get hurt. He is going to learn and to be safe.”
Cardi B’s outfit at Paris Fashion Week is exposing a major double standard in France.
The rapper wore a head-to-toe look that covered her entire face in Paris.
Congress has been slow to direct its attention to the rights of Muslim Americans.
President Donald Trump thanked evangelical supporter Franklin Graham, who has called Islam "evil."
Air Canada agents discriminated against Fatima Abdelrahman by forcing her to take her hijab off in a public space, CAIR's San Francisco Bay Area chapter alleges.
Ramez Alghazzouli and Asmaa Khadem Al Arbaiin say they believe this site's coverage helped put pressure on the State Department.
Muslim women have been intimidated, harassed and kicked out for wearing modest bathing suits across America.
The "Muslims for Migrants" campaign has already secured the release of six detained parents.
Social media users immediately pointed to her father's ban on visitors from Muslim-majority countries.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the new law makes it "crystal clear to anyone who may still have doubts that New York has zero tolerance for bigotry of any kind."
Trump retweeted two posts from Katie Hopkins on Saturday morning. She has also previously called for a "final solution" for Muslims.
Prior to the 2020 election, presidential candidates rarely — if ever — visited a mosque on the campaign trail. But that's changing.
Last week the congresswoman was asked to condemn al Qaeda. On Tuesday, it was female genital mutilation.
Muslim organizers say the candidates' lack of interest in an upcoming gathering reflects a much larger apathy toward their community.
“People see something that makes them a little bit uncomfortable, and they need to make a big deal about it,” said 21-year-old Ala Yamout.