Joy Reid slammed the former White House adviser as a 鈥渨hite nationalist Dracula鈥 while discussing Donald Trump-era immigration policy.
The Montana Republican鈥檚 symbolic bill represented the latest escalation of political rhetoric connected to the Israel-Gaza war.
Miles Joseph Fridrich, 24, has been arrested on suspicion of murdering Dr. Talat Khan, a 52-year-old Muslim woman.
Voters frustrated with Biden鈥檚 Israel response say they won鈥檛 support his reelection 鈥 with some saying they won鈥檛 vote for Democrats at all.
鈥淲e wouldn鈥檛 let people come in from certain countries where there鈥檚 tremendous terror. Makes sense, right?鈥 the former president said.
Crowds of mourners in a heavily Palestinian Chicago suburb paid respects to a 6-year-old Muslim boy killed in an alleged hate crime.
An Illinois man allegedly shouted, 鈥淵ou Muslims must die,鈥 before stabbing the young boy and his mother.
Halal certification is a complicated, sacred process 鈥 and for years, people have raised concerns about Wael Hana鈥檚 rapid success in the industry.
鈥淚t's insane to see the level of Islamophobia in these blue areas,鈥 one of the candidates said.
This is not the first policy France has enacted targeting Muslim dress under the country鈥檚 laws regarding separation of religion and government.