Summits and scenic overlooks are reliable standbys for hikers, but you can have a bit more fun hiking to abandoned ruins in Los Angeles County. These dilapidated destinations, often put to ruin by wildfires, provide a window into L.A.'s past.
Patient: "I never fit in with those moms. I mean, they don't work." Therapist: "You don't work." Writer-director Jill Soloway
For a city that prides itself on sun-kissed hair, looking effortlessly chic and discreetly glam, Los Angeles has found itself
I have a lot to be excited about this summer, "Comedy of Errors" at Shakespeare in the Park and I'm getting married! I always
"I've had a welcome mat to every single one of those events," said Pereira. "It feels a little like I've been given the keys
Tell us about one of your usual places in L.A., for food or entertainment. I'm a Westside dude, so for coffee, it's Balconi
In your book, you note that Spam is just as much a part of Filipino culture as adobo because of the American military presence
The group started off with just two members, Wesley Schultz (lead vocals, guitar) and Jeremiah Fraites (drums, percussion
The thing with Coexist is we had no plan for it. We got back from touring and had been gone a long time and just wanted to
Did you always want to become a musician? I didn't really realize it when I was a kid, but I destroyed everything that could
Check out HuffPost LA's complete coverage of Coachella 2013 here. Zaakir: I don’t do my thing like that. I never separated
Christos Garkinos knows exactly what you need. As the co-owner of Decades, LA's most respected high-end vintage store, he
Taye Diggs loves eggs. The actor, 42, best known for his role in the Broadway musical "Rent", the television series "Private
What is next for both of you? DelGaudio: “Nothing to Hide” will most likely be going to New York and I have a few projects
Chris Paul, the Clippers' all-star point guard, is a new-ish fish in a big pond. In only his second season with the Clippers
Learning how to flirt and cultivating relationships offline is something you have spent a lot of time focusing on. How would
My LA is a series of Q&A profiles with our favorite Angelenos. To see others, be sure to check out My LA. Monique Lhuillier
Their sound is a sexy mashup of Stevie Nicks, The xx, Florence + The Machine and many, many rockers who have come before
HuffPost LA caught up with Roman to talk about "Moonrise Kingdom," his 5 favorite bands, the best LA meal, and, of course