Each school has its own admissions process: most publics and charters are lottery-based, others are application-based and others may use academic performance or auditions as criteria.
But his bigger transformation may have happened off the field. Affeldt, a lifelong advocate for social justice, began to
So how did you come up with this? It all started in 2008. Heidi and I both worked for big tech firms and we met in the elevator
Neighborhood: Ingleside Do you have a favorite place in the city? I really enjoy walking on the Embarcadero between the Ferry
If you had to close all of your restaurants and keep only one, would it be French Laundry? Of course. You and I both know
Tell me a little bit about your newest record, "Anything In Return." Did you have a specific goal in mind with the album
What are some of your favorite local date night spots? At night, anything on Valencia Street. Honestly, anything on 18th
You'll cheat on beer for bourbon? It's not cheating. You can't live on beer alone. Although I’d be willing to try. Name: Jesse
I was a union organizer for many years and, when I started doing comedy, there were a lot of skills that were somewhat transferable
What's your favorite restaurant? Do I have to pick? [Laughs] Helmand Place, which is Afghan food; Kokkari for Greek; I'd
This post is part of our My SF series that profiles our best, brightest and most interesting local personalities. Does one
This post is part of our My SF series that profiles our best, brightest and most interesting local personalities. Can you
You sound like you're pretty into food. Well, I am from the Bay Area--I'm a foodie. I love wine, too. My friends own Darioush
Take a look at images from Seymour's tour below. To schedule your own, email You've been
"He's kind of been our lucky charm," said manager Bruce Bochy. Bochy rolled the dice again, starting Zito in game five against
Where do you write? I try to write at home, but I've been writing a lot at cafes lately. Ritual and Mission Creek on Valencia
Every now and then something happens in the world that enrages me so much that in true Incredible Hulk-like fashion, I transform without any control over the process.
Acworth now runs the largest fetish porn production company in the world from his Moorish-style castle in the Mission, and
The following is a macro level study guide of the educational essentials to the city smaller than Disney World.
In the coming week, Bay Area movie goers will have the rare opportunity -- in fact the first in nearly a century -- to see a film widely considered one of the most emblematic of the Bay Area's long-forgotten movie making past.