Narendra Modi

The Indian government has dismissed the series, which is critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's role in the 2002 Gujarat riots, as "propaganda."
Clashes in India between Hindu nationalists and minority religious groups, particularly Muslims, have sparked tensions online and in person in the diaspora.
President Donald Trump received a warm welcome when he landed in India, but just miles away, protests rang out against the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The ruling in the southern state of Karnataka comes after Muslims protested the ban, saying they were being deprived of their rights to education and religion.
The "Nightingale of India" had a prolific, groundbreaking catalog spanning nearly eight decades and a voice known by more than 1 billion people in South Asia.
Farmers protested for a year, arguing the laws would devastate their earnings by ending guaranteed pricing.
Leaked documents obtained by The Associated Press show that Facebook in India was selective in combating hate speech and anti-Muslim content.
Rescuers are recovering bodies a day after torrential rains swept through villages and flooded roads in the southern Indian state of Kerala.
Cases broke a record for the fifth time this week, overwhelming hospitals.
Indian authorities hope to give shots to 300 million people, roughly the population of the U.S and several times more than its existing program.