Narendra Modi

Cases broke a record for the fifth time this week, overwhelming hospitals.
Indian authorities hope to give shots to 300 million people, roughly the population of the U.S and several times more than its existing program.
The country’s drugs regulator gave emergency authorization for the U.K.-based drugmaker AstraZeneca and a locally developed one.
Indian jewelry brand Tanishq said it pulled an ad depicting a Muslim and Hindu couple because of “divergent and severe reactions.”
To millions, it seems the choice isn't about Donald Trump or Joe Biden but the survival of U.S. democracy -- and what that means for their nations.
China’s foreign ministry said it calls on India to not take unilateral actions or stir up trouble.
Officials from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have backed these estimates by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative.
It's the world's most extensive stay-at-home order yet in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.
While violence between Hindu mobs and Muslims protesting a citizenship law gripped New Delhi, Prime Minister Modi hosted a lavish reception for Trump.
As religious violence continued for the third day in Delhi, US President Donald Trump extolled the virtues of Indian democracy in the company of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.