National Emergency

They're siding with the president even though he's raiding money for military projects in their states to build his border wall.
The Pentagon listed projects across the nation and around the world that could be delayed or canceled so Trump can build the border wall he promised Mexico would pay for.
President Donald Trump vetoed the legislation Congress passed to block his national emergency declaration over border wall funding.
He promised hundreds of times that Mexico would pay for his pet project, but now Trump is raiding the Pentagon budget.
"If Trump told them to amend the Constitution and toss out the Bill of Rights, they’d likely do it."
A last-minute effort by Republicans to head off the vote of disapproval has fallen apart, setting up a likely presidential veto.
Republican senators are exploring ways to shore up support for the president and his wall declaration in order to avoid an embarrassing veto.
The House speaker warned the president's wall “is not the way that we relate to other countries, other people.”
At least four Senate Republicans agreed to vote against his national emergency over wall funds.
At least four Republican senators, including Susan Collins of Maine and Rand Paul of Kentucky, say they'll vote to block the declaration.
Trump's widely expected veto would force congressional Republicans to choose between supporting him and defending their own constitutional powers.
Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) urged the administration not to proceed with what he called the "unnecessary and unwise" move to bypass Congress.
Republicans spent years screaming about executive overreach. Only 13 voted against Trump's national emergency declaration.
But it's not clear if Republicans would be willing to override a presidential veto.
President Donald Trump declared a national emergency earlier this month in order to bypass Congress and build his wall.
“I hate it when people turn my own words against me," Chris Wallace told Tom Perez.
A majority of Americans disagree with the president that there is an urgent need to build a wall along the southern border. These are some issues they think are more pressing.
The lawsuit by the civil liberties group is the fourth challenge to the president’s latest effort to fund a border wall.
These late-night hosts took on President Donald Trump’s national emergency flub.