National Emergency

ALEC and other groups that fomented anti-lockdown protests are now pushing bills to curb the powers governors have used to fight the coronavirus pandemic.
At least 8,800 unaccompanied children have been expelled since March.
An overnight curfew was ordered Sunday in hopes of stemming a resurgence in coronavirus infections.
The GOP-controlled Legislature seeks to take away executive powers, without approval from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer or voters.
Under a state of emergency decree, the prime minister can jail people for ‘disinformation’ and rule by decree.
Spaniards applauded through balconies and windows to express their gratitude for the nation’s health care workers battling the coronavirus.
The “I don’t take responsibility at all” president’s efforts to downplay the disease could lead to tens or hundreds of thousands more serious cases and deaths.
“America’s health care system must be there to help," wrote the heads of the AMA, the American Hospital Association and the American Nurses Association.
On Monday, thousands plan to protest gun control measures in Virginia. Organizers of the deadly Charlottesville rally also plan to attend.
Mayor Luigi Brugnaro declared a state of emergency after the city was hit by its highest tide in 50 years.