National Weather Service

Imelda is the first named storm to impact the Houston area since Hurricane Harvey, according to the National Weather Service.
Louis Uccellini praises the office for taking quick action to deliver correct information about Hurricane Dorian after Trump's false warning.
The agency, which oversees the National Weather Service, issued a statement Friday supporting the president's false claims about the path of Hurricane Dorian.
NOAA attacked its own scientists over their correction of President Trump's false claims about Hurricane Dorian's path.
"Don’t know how they will ever look their workforce in the eye again. Moral cowardice," former NOAA chief operating officer David Titley tweeted.
NOAA issued an unsigned statement saying that NWS Birmingham's tweet contradicting Trump was "inconsistent" with data at that time.
The anchor wonders why the president can't simply apologize for his screw-up and move on.
“It makes you feel a kind of pity for everybody involved," the presidential candidate said Thursday.
The network made the goof on a map just hours before the president's now-infamous Alabama-related flub.
During a hurricane briefing, the president held up an out-of-date map that appeared hastily altered to add Alabama to the storm path.
The Democratic presidential candidate seemingly overlooked what's been described as an "apocalyptic" scene in the Bahamas.
The president’s love of big crowd sizes, poll numbers and TV ratings extends to big storms, as well.
The president incorrectly warned Alabama, then attacked a reporter who pointed it out.
Massive swarms of the winged critters have settled over the city, and they could linger for weeks, experts say.
Many places facing excessive heat this weekend have no air conditioning, with cities opening shelters for people to cool off.
More than 100 local heat records are expected to fall Saturday, according to the National Weather Service.
New Orleans was spared the worst effects of the storm that weakened from hurricane status.
Federal authorities and social scientists struggle to create effective messages to inform and compel people to take action.
Temperatures spiked to 90 degrees for the first time in the city's history.
"We honestly have no explanation for the floating objects over Kansas City."