Native Americans

The mountain — "Avi Kwa Ame" in the Mojave language — and the surrounding landscape are rich in cultural resources and sacred to Native American tribes.
Reid slammed the "simplistic fairytale interpretation" of the holiday and criticized book-banning efforts during her show on Wednesday.
After winning an August vote to serve out an unexpired term, Peltola now gets a full two-year term in Congress.
It's so cringe that it's kind of hilarious. But there's a deeper reason it speaks to me.
A 40-year-old law enacted to keep Indigenous families together is in danger of being overturned, resurfacing America's ugly legacy of separation.
The demolition of the Klamath River dams is a huge victory for Native American tribes who depend on the fish.
Most of the hair collected belonged to about 700 children, representing about 300 tribal nations, who had attended U.S. Indian Boarding Schools.
The 1978 Indian Child Welfare Act was meant to keep Native families as intact as possible.
Angie Comeaux shares what her version of agriculture looks like and what most Americans get wrong about Thanksgiving.
Shop traditionally crafted jewelry, skin care, hats and home goods by Native artisans.