Natural Disasters

After heavy flooding inundated Kentucky, authorities are warning that the death toll is still rising.
It's "nearly impossible" to total how many people remain unaccounted for, Gov. Andy Beshear (D) said Monday.
The tornado wrought winds of up to 135 mph. Police and fire departments, as well as schools and hundreds of homes were damaged.
This one from Jackery Explorer is a lifesaver when camping or during blackouts.
A rare northern Michigan tornado that hammered a small town has killed at least one person and injured more than 40.
This woman lost family members of her own in the southern states of the US. But rather than spend her time grieving, she wanted to give, so she packed her family motorhome with as many books and toys as she could and drove overnight, to hand them out to the surviving kids who needed them.
It was opening day at the Coney Island amusement park in Brooklyn, New York — but one ride just wasn’t ready.
With countries around the world continually beating their own records for both heat and rainfall year on year, extreme weather is becoming more common. Now, as the planet heats up, natural disasters are on the rise. We have seen events from wildfires to hurricanes increasing in frequency and intensity, but how exactly can our changing climate have an effect on natural disasters?
Storm Eunice, also known as Storm Zeynep, is one of the most damaging storms the region has seen in years.
Only one person in Tonga has reportedly had COVID, making outside assistance a huge risk.