Natural Disasters

Firefighters are strategically positioning resources and using new methods to keep small blazes from overwhelming emergency responders.
People were trapped in waist-high water on the subway and cars floated through the streets as severe floods tore through China’s Henan province.
Dozens are still missing as roiling waters swept away cars and destroyed homes.
Temperatures in the 110s and 120s are expected to grip Arizona, Nevada and western Colorado as the climate change-fueled heat wave continues.
The La Soufriere volcano covered parts of the Caribbean island in ash and forced thousands to evacuate.
Experts share their advice for protecting your dog or cat during a hurricane, blizzard or other emergency.
Erosion along the coastline caused a landslide that utterly destroyed this seaside cemetery in northern Italy.
The president and first lady Jill Biden will visit Houston on Friday.
The former New Jersey governor hasn't forgotten how Cruz made fun of him for that infamous beach incident in 2017.