Natural Disasters

The right kinds of food, how much to buy, plus all the other things (coolers!) you probably didn't think about.
A study shows that kids who were in utero during Superstorm Sandy were more likely to meet criteria for a psychiatric disorder later. What can parents do with this information?
The country's president said via Twitter that the secretary of the navy told him one person was killed in the port city of Manzanillo, Colima when a wall at a mall collapsed.
Disaster relief professionals suggest backup food supplies, waterproof pouches for important documents and water filtration systems.
Thousands of Pakistanis have been injured or displaced, with Prime Minster Shabaz Sharif asking the international community for help.
A deluged eastern Kentucky is left to ponder what it means to rebuild entire communities when "1,000-year floods" aren't 1,000-year floods anymore.
After heavy flooding inundated Kentucky, authorities are warning that the death toll is still rising.
It's "nearly impossible" to total how many people remain unaccounted for, Gov. Andy Beshear (D) said Monday.
The tornado wrought winds of up to 135 mph. Police and fire departments, as well as schools and hundreds of homes were damaged.
This one from Jackery Explorer is a lifesaver when camping or during blackouts.