Natural Disasters

"You can barely see the end of our street through the heavy haze, and ash has been falling from the sky like gray rain, coating our house and everything outside of it with a thick layer of ominous soot."
The California wildfires and Hurricane Laura highlight the disparities in the Trump administration’s disaster responses.
How residents in and around Midland are dealing with a 500-year flood at the worst possible time.
A historic cyclone in South Asia, a preseason storm in the southeast U.S., droughts and fires show climate change doesn't pause for the coronavirus.
Authorities warned that Cyclone Amphan could wreck densely populated regions that are home to some of the most vulnerable communities in South Asia.
A mass evacuation due to Typhoon Vongfong’s wind and rain was complicated and slowed by the coronavirus.
“We expect the river to continue to rise over the next 24 hours or so. We are not out of the woods yet," Gov. Tate Reeves said.
Officials have warned the volcano, which began erupting on Sunday, could be on the cusp of a much bigger and more dangerous eruption.
More than 3 million Puerto Ricans are without power and thousands are sleeping outdoors after earthquakes toppled homes.