Navy Yard Shooting

"There are no signs of a shooting, a shooter, or victims," the Navy said in a statement. The location had previously dealt
Merely expanding background checks is not enough. We must strengthen the system itself so that individuals with a history of dangerous behavior can no longer clear its low bar.
Death of Nelson Mandela: A New Pope: What it means to me: People admire and long to let go of the anger and resentment they
“He [Tamerlan] had told his mother that he felt there were two people living inside of him,” Anna Nikaeva, another family
This week we mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy as we prepare to mark the one-year anniversary of the massacre of school children in Sandy Hook.
It's obvious at this point that the gun lobby is doing everything in its ability to kick the can down the road. But as we have seen, time and time again, the issue is not going anywhere.
Survey results consistently find that four out of five military children deal with increased stress and anxiety when a parent is deployed overseas or recovering from severe injury.
America's love affair with guns has now reached a zenith (or a nadir, depending on how you look at it), wherein no amount of carnage seems to be able to change our basic fondness for owning guns.
WASHINGTON, Oct 31 (Reuters) - U.S. senators on Thursday questioned the government's security clearance process, calling
Myth #6: Fingerprints can definitively match a person to a crime scene.
Insurrectionist rhetoric might work well in marketing firearms to civilians on the far right wing of American politics. But with police chiefs and generals? Not so much.
A week ago, 12 people got up and went to work, probably like they did every workday. It was a Monday morning, and we all
Lost in the noise and partisan debates, a rare cause for optimism has gone nearly unnoticed and should be universally embraced. Revolutionary therapies aimed at prevention and recovery for the 'big three' mental illnesses are being actively pursued today.
The pro-gun folks are waging a continuous and effective campaign; the gun control folks are busy talking to themselves.
How many are "enough?" How many "good guys?" How many guns? Indeed, there will never be enough "good guys with guns" for LaPierre's taste, chiefly because the NRA's sole mission is to sell as many guns as they can.
I serve as a noncommissioned officer in the Army Reserve, and during a drill weekend last year, I led a discussion with Soldiers on mental health. It was not an easy talk. Service members are expected to embody strength and toughness.
Footage released by the FBI on Wednesday shows Aaron Alexis walking with a shotgun through the Washington Navy Yard moments
Alexis carved “End to the torment!” “Not what yall say!” and “Better off this way!” on the weapon he used. WASHINGTON -- Aaron
Professor Guth accepted the suspension, apparently because he was receiving threats. But if he's receiving threats, it's the university's duty to protect him, not suspend him. In a free society, we can't allow those who threaten speakers with violence to win by silencing voices they don't like.