She was 18 when she was arrested in 1942 for her association with the Polish resistance in Krakow.
The man, only publicly identified as Josef S., was convicted of more than 3,500 counts of accessory to murder and sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday.
The Arizona GOP Senate candidate is irked by having to report who gives to his campaign as required by federal law.
The senator served up another absurd GOP slam as Jackson neared Supreme Court confirmation.
Since the deadly "Unite The Right" rally in August, white supremacists have targeted multiple cities for rallies. Each has been determined not to be the next Charlottesville. Here’s what the people in Newnan, Georgia, had to say as the town prepared for a neo-Nazi event to take over the local park on April 21.
"What Russia is doing in Ukraine is slaughtering innocent children, women and men for its own gain," the German Embassy in South Africa tweeted.
“I’m trying to go to the store, to Target, and I’m coming back home, and I’m being berated by Nazis,” David Newstat said. “My grandfather was a survivor."
The "Late Show" host then gave the Florida governor a free lesson in handling "softball" questions.
Gov. Ron DeSantis' press secretary, Christina Pushaw, refused to join her fellow Florida officials in decrying a Nazi rally held in Orlando, and instead blamed Democrats.
"We need to be impartial," GOP Sen. Scott Baldwin told a history teacher who noted his class was studying the rise of Nazism and fascism.