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The Saturday event is expected to draw tens of thousands of people. Health experts warned about the event's potential to spread disease.
The clip caused a stir when a passerby noted that the cameraman's face was uncovered. NBC says the staffer was wearing a scarf that fell off.
Lack has come under fire for his handling of sexual misconduct at the network.
NBC News’ Kristen Welker didn't miss a beat as high winds toppled light stands during her report on the coronavirus pandemic.
The Minnesota senator and former 2020 presidential candidate described her family's experience as “one of the hardest, hardest things.”
“Mommy! Mommy, hurry up!” Janis Mackey Frayer’s son is seen yelling to his mom, who was covering the COVID-19 outbreak in China for NBC News.
He was "the guy you wanted by your side no matter where you were,” NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack said.
Billionaire and 2020 hopeful Mike Bloomberg says he’s not going anywhere.
Donald Trump's attorney general claimed the agency may have acted in "bad faith."
"We’re up against a crisis I never thought I’d see in my lifetime," the screen legend wrote in a column for NBC News.