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Purdue Pharmaceuticals is involved in over 2,000 lawsuits related to more than 400,000 overdose deaths in the last 20 years.
"We must stop this lawless president from tearing down our democracy," the former Democratic 2020 candidate wrote in an op-ed for NBC News.
The president claimed the Middle Eastern kingdom is a "big buyer" of American goods and encouraged NBC's Chuck Todd to "take their money."
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Cory Booker and former Rep. Beto O'Rourke are among those set to appear in the first of this month’s DNC debates on June 26.
CBS News says the president has agreed to sit down with “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan.
While some have outright called the Iowa representative's white supremacy remarks racist, others hesitated.
The network later revised its guidance: "It is fair to characterize King's comments as 'racist.'"
The news organization issued further guidance Tuesday afternoon, saying that it was, in fact, fair to describe King's comments that way.
“Megyn Kelly was a huge talent," the executive said, but her show never took off.
NBC News chief Noah Oppenheim says the show will "continue to include" Hoda Kotb.
Kelly drew backlash in recent days over comments defending "blackface."
The image is a right-wing meme that originally circulated in 2014.
The bot operation reportedly urged people to question news accounts suggesting Saudi involvement in the journalist's disappearance.
Hours earlier, the president tweeted that NBC News had "totally and purposely changed" the meaning of his remarks at Friday's rally in Ohio.
New text messages suggest the Supreme Court nominee and his lawyers contacted old classmates in an effort to discredit Deborah Ramirez, NBC reports.
Garrett Ventry's exit marks another moment of turmoil in Kavanaugh's confirmation.
Ronan Farrow fired back at his former employer, saying Lack's new statement was filled with false or misleading statements.
No one at NBC has faced consequences for the network losing the Pulitzer Prize-winning story of the year.
Producer Rich McHugh said the order to stop the sexual assault story came from the "very highest levels of NBC."
NBC News anchor Lester Holt discussed the suspension with Twitter’s CEO.