Striking WGA and SAG-AFTRA members suspect Universal Studios trimmed trees ahead of a heat wave in Los Angeles to retaliate against them.
Musk said he would transition into a role as executive chairman and chief technology officer.
Jeff Shell, the chief executive of NBCUniversal, is departing the company after an investigation into inappropriate conduct, Comcast announced Sunday.
The program was a staple for show business tidbits, gossip and celebrity interviews.
"I apologize for pain they have caused," the sitcom's star and creator wrote.
Tina Tchen, said NBC's new NDA policy isn't enough and is calling for the network to do an independent investigation of company culture.
Former employees may be released from the agreements if they have faced sexual harassment, but not before talking to the company.
NBC Universal plans to put the classic sitcom on its forthcoming streaming network and take it off Netflix.
“Megyn Kelly was a huge talent," the executive said, but her show never took off.
The company says NBC leaders didn't know about their star anchor's misconduct.