Tim Royers told Nebraska's Education Committee that "a provision like this" would drive many teachers out of the profession,”
“I don’t believe in welfare,” Republican Gov. Jim Pillen said of declining a federal program that would feed food-insecure children in the summer of 2024.
Seth Ketelhut allegedly attacked his mother after she made a comment about one of his children.
Surveillance footage captured Dominic M. Henton, 25, following the former Arizona senator along a pedestrian trail moments before the reported assault.
The Poison frontman said he was "honored" to adopt the husky who helped save the life of a kitten.
Gov. Jim Pillen (R) said he refused to read a critical story about his hog farms because of the reporter’s nationality.
Nebraska authorities say the man unintentionally shot the 12-year-old with a blank round after he went to fire a gun in the air.
Ashli Ehrhardt, a 29-year-old mother of two, was divorcing her husband and planning to move out of the home they shared.
The order notably does not use the term “transgender,” although it appears directed at limiting transgender access to certain public spaces.
The driver was only given a warning and not a "moo-ving violation."