State Sen. Kate Bolz's congressional district has been held by Republicans since 1964. She wants to change that in 2020.
Republican State Sen. John McCollister "has finally shed all pretense of being a conservative," said Nebraska GOP Executive Director Ryan Hamilton.
Donald Trump "continually stokes racist fears in his base," Nebraska state Sen. John McCollister said. "I refuse to be someone who said nothing."
A new study from Bankrate finds that the best state for retirees is Nebraska, while Maryland is the worst.
Climate change is affecting every social justice struggle. The environmental movement's best-known trans woman of color wants to make that link clear.
When Kurtis Kaser realized he was stuck, he started sawing at his left foot until he was free.
Farmers already are struggling with years of falling incomes, and more of them are seeking mental healthcare than before.
Hundreds of schools canceled classes in Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota, where the governor closed state offices in much of the state for a second day.
"I don’t know why I did it ― I just did," Addy Tritt said of her donation. "It’s part of being a human.”
The water rose so quickly that farmers in many areas had no time to get animals out.
The Missouri River has hit record-high levels in some areas, and at least two deaths are blamed on flooding.
Rescue efforts in eastern Nebraska were hampered by reports of levee breaches and washouts of bridges and roads.
The storm brought blizzard conditions to parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska and South Dakota.
Leaked chats revealed that the governor's 2018 field director, Bennett Bressman, is extremely racist.
The three beetles honor dragons owned by Daenerys Targaryen on the HBO series.
Voters in Idaho, Nebraska and Utah recently approved plans to extend health insurance to 331,000.
Voters in Idaho, Nebraska and Utah approved Medicaid expansion, and a pro-expansion Democrat will be the next governor of Kansas.
It took six years, but Nebraska horse massagers don’t need to be licensed anymore.
Fed up with waiting for elected officials to act on Medicaid expansion, organizers in Idaho, Montana, Nebraska and Utah got the question on the ballot to let the people decide.