The girl told police she'd had a stillbirth, then Facebook turned over private messages suggesting otherwise.
The homeowners found the bees after they flew outside their kitchen window.
Herbster had the strong support of former President Donald Trump in the Nebraska race.
How much sway does Trump have?
Critics on Twitter complained that accurate, helpful sex ed was often not provided in homes.
"It was a grab. ... It was like he knew that I couldn’t say anything," the ex-legislative assistant said about Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster.
A victims' rights expert criticized the ad for creating an intimidating atmosphere for victims of sexual assault.
Firefighters across the country are battling multiple wildfires as tinder-dry conditions and high winds whip up flames from Arizona to Florida.
The former White House adviser and Donald Trump are working for Charles Herbster's election as governor despite allegations he groped eight women.
At least eight women, including a state senator, told a Nebraska newspaper that Charles Herbster grabbed them inappropriately.