Neil Cavuto

"He was being policed on that because he was wrong," the Fox News anchor said.
The president also complained that the widely watched cable channel was failing to help other Republican candidates.
After Fox News’ Neil Cavuto ripped President Donald Trump for saying he takes hydroxychloroquine, Trump shot back.
Trump flips out after being criticized on the network for taking the drug hydroxychloroquine, which has not been approved for the coronavirus.
“I cannot stress this enough," warned Neil Cavuto about the anti-malaria drug the president has touted as a coronavirus cure, "this will kill you.”
The Fox Business host noted the criticism goes against the Constitution and the president's own previous stance.
“They are human beings," he said after the treasury secretary called unemployment numbers "not relevant."
President Donald Trump went on a tirade against Fox News during a recent rally and later, Fox News cut away from him to bring on personalities to defend their own network.
Multiple people at the conservative news network defended Cavuto after Trump raged about his unflattering coverage.