The video giant declined to remove an Atomwaffen Division video when it was first reported last week.
Jeffrey Clark pleaded guilty to a gun charge in July and served nearly 10 months in custody.
Another man was arrested for planning to attack a Memphis church. These are the latest potential mass shootings to be preempted by law enforcement.
Jeffrey Clark thought the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter was a "hero." A federal prosecutor said Clark was "a bomb" waiting to explode.
Last year was the fourth-deadliest in the nation for right-wing extremist violence, according to data from the Anti-Defamation League's Center on Extremism.
Anglin was also ordered to pay more than $4 million to a Muslim-American radio host last month after his website falsely accused the man of terrorism.
It's "absolutely unacceptable" for Amazon to allow anti-Semitic books and T-shirts on its site, a leader from the Central Council of Jews in Germany stated.
Jeffrey Clark, who said the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims "deserved" it, has been in custody since his November arrest.
A man with a history of anti-immigrant violence admitted to the killing of Walter Lübcke, police say, as thousands gathered to protest extremism.
Police and residents in Ostritz, Saxony, banded together to deprive the attendees of a far-right rock festival of the most German of staples: Beer.
The extremist and convicted pedophile planned to kill Labour MP Rosie Cooper, who was investigating him for child sex crimes.
Experts say the mosque massacre spotlights New Zealand's failure to take white supremacist threats seriously.
People searching online for violent extremist content in Texas are mostly young, male and neo-Nazi-inclined.
Stern said he prefers to control the group and neuter it rather than see it disband and reconstitute in the shadows.
With the start of the new season, fans want to know what the team will do about the far-right extremists in their midst.
Alleged Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers was a fan of a white supremacist propagandist known as Grandpa Lampshade. Here’s who he really is.
The Canadians didn't see as much of a problem in their own country.
Inside the takedown of a prolific white nationalist propagandist.
The distant space object is named after an ancient term — that was later co-opted by the Nazis.
Locals want emergency worker Alex McNabb fired after his comments on a neo-Nazi podcast.