Apparent supporters of Ron DeSantis (R) were photographed waving swastikas outside an event he was attending. The Florida governor has yet to condemn the foul display.
Neo-Nazis Arrested Near Pride Parade
Texan Thomas Ryan Rousseau, identified as the 23-year-old founder of the white supremacist group, was rounded up in bust of members packing riot gear.
Since the deadly "Unite The Right" rally in August, white supremacists have targeted multiple cities for rallies. Each has been determined not to be the next Charlottesville. Here’s what the people in Newnan, Georgia, had to say as the town prepared for a neo-Nazi event to take over the local park on April 21.
Jonathan Frost, Christopher Cook and Jackson Sawall obtained AR-47 rifles and had planned to attack power grids around the United States.
Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky shared a quote falsely attributed to Voltaire.
One of the defendants told a Maryland judge that the men were just talking about "dreams of war glory and valor."
Neo-Nazi movements have exploited the pandemic to boost their support, said U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.
Christian Mackey, the feds said, described himself as a "radical jew slayer." He was charged due to the help of an undercover agent.
Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that almost two-thirds of young Americans do not know that 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust.