"Wish Dragon" is one of several animated films trending on the streaming platform.
Other trending shows on the platform include a fried food-themed travel series, the new season of "Lupin" and more.
"Too much is going on in the country," the movie mogul said about why he is bringing his fiery matriarch character back.
With a 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes, "Sweet Tooth" brings warmth to the post-apocalyptic genre.
Several animated movies with similar themes are in the top 10 ranking.
The beloved Canadian sitcom’s fifth and final season premiered on Netflix this week.
"Scarface" and the "Back to the Future" trilogy are among the movies departing the streaming platform this month.
Known for its roaring lion logo, MGM is one of the oldest Hollywood studios, founded in 1924 when films were silent.
The streaming service announced the movies and shows arriving soon.
Lohan is set to make her long-awaited return to acting in an upcoming holiday-themed romantic comedy.