Nevada joins seven states that plan to automatically send voters mail ballots amid the coronavirus pandemic, including California and Vermont.
Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley argued that the hard cap on religious gatherings was an unconstitutional violation of its parishioners' First Amendment rights.
The battered fighter's handlers ignored pleas to end the match and now the Nevada State Athletic Commission is investigating.
The Nevada senator said she wanted to focus on helping her state heal from the coronavirus pandemic.
The states join California, Oregon and Washington in an alliance for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Several states have categorized pawnshops as essential businesses during the coronavirus — including Nevada, where some Las Vegas pawn shops are seeing a spike in sales.
The economic shock has been felt across industries, and it's not looking good for Nevada and Hawaii.
The former senator also endorsed his diverse home state to become the first in the nation to hold a presidential contest in the primary cycle.
The Vermont senator's win solidified his front-runner status in the crowded field as the race turned to Saturday's presidential primary in South Carolina.
Despite the freakout from TV pundits, the Nevada caucuses are a cause for optimism in dark days.