The amendment's language was deemed too vague.
The coup-attempter’s supporters in the third-to-vote state have created a situation where a rival could get more votes than Trump but get no delegates.
Reproductive rights advocates in Nevada have submitted a petition to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot next year.
Authorities said 32-year-old Leon Reece died from a suspected drug overdose at the annual arts festival, which was inundated with rain and mud this year.
As of Monday afternoon, festival organizers said about 64,000 people remained at the festival site.
Around 70,000 people were stranded in the Nevada desert due to excessive rain during the Burning Man festival.
The York Fire was mapped at roughly 125 square miles on Tuesday, with 23% containment.
The former president goes off on more conspiracy theories in his latest interview.
The defendant also pleaded guilty in April to attempted sexual assault and battery with use of a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm.
Hundreds of people gathered for a vigil following Amanda Davis’ death in December 2020, seeking to bring awareness to missing and murdered Indigenous women and domestic violence.