Nevada Caucus

The Nevada State Democratic Party is planning to add virtual caucuses and a four-day early-voting period to attract more participants in primary elections.
Bernie supporters are rallying around the idea of a “rigged” primary process.
The travesty that happened in Nevada crystallized that a counteraction that needs to be taken in order to save our broken
Saying that you have actually won more votes, more contests or more pledged delegates will not, in fact, make any of those things true. Even if you say it a lot, or in the form of angry tweets and Internet comments.
If the Democrats decide to run Joe Biden, it will be like a breath of fresh air in a very toxic campaign. They'll have a united party, Trump will be defeated and the world and we will be a much better place. I'm in with Biden.
We would all be better off in the long run if Senator Sanders would categorically reject these bullying tactics. If he doesn't, he will be the thief. He will have stolen unity from the Democratic Party and he will have robbed himself of respect and admiration. It's all up to him.
The state Democratic convention in Nevada Saturday devolved into a chaotic demonstration of party division and the emotional theatrics of candidate-centered movements.
"Thank you for the win!" Marco Rubio announced to his follower shortly after the polls closed in Nevada. "I'm honored and humbled that the voters who voted for me have now made me their Number One choice four times in a row!"
Donald Trump just won his third primary, taking Nevada with a commanding 46 percent of the Republican vote. If you take a look back at his campaign so far, you will see a long trail of wishful Washington thinking that was proven wrong and had to be tossed to the side of the road.
So, now, here we are. Trump most probably will get the Republican nomination. He will continue to be a bully and a political thug, much to the admiration of his followers. Evangelicals have shown that their love for God leans toward maintaining their view of God in a white-ruled country.
"Go back to Africa" was one of the more polite messages.