New Hampshire

Corky Messner of New Hampshire also warned against political correctness, which he said makes young conservatives "afraid to express their opinions."
Corky Messner, who is running in New Hampshire, said the U.S. needs to punish China for its role in spreading the coronavirus.
Richard Komi apologized to "anybody whose feelings may have been hurt" by his tweet dismissing Reade's sexual assault claim against Joe Biden.
New Hampshire Republican Donald Bolduc went on a radio show and said he wouldn't ask people for money. But right beforehand, he sent out an email doing just that.
The New Hampshire Republican said he was trying to be "responsible" about a theory that has been widely rejected by scientists.
It's not the same as the flu. It's far more lethal.
The popular New York lawmaker's absence was notable as Sanders lost his Democratic front-runner status to Joe Biden.
Kathleen Martins will be replacing the late Rep. Dick Marple (R) and serving in the House of Representatives until elections in November.
New Hampshire House Democrats reprimanded Republican lawmakers who repeatedly ducked mandatory anti-harassment training.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren led the attack on Mike Bloomberg before, during and after the Democratic debate in Las Vegas.