New Hampshire

The wins will help the party control key legislative chambers and provide a good omen for 2024.
Lawsuits filed in the state aimed to bar the former president from appearing on 2024 presidential ballots there.
The 2024 hopeful said Trump won’t be able to avoid him just by skipping debates, and that as a former federal prosecutor, he knows how to find people.
Alexander Talcott was found dead on Saturday with a stab wound to his neck. Police are investigating whether the person who killed him acted in self-defense.
Chris Sununu predicts when the race will start to turn against the former president.
The former president made the quip during a campaign rally in New Hampshire.
“It was such an uplifting thing to see. Just incredible," Robert Addie said.
Former state Sen. Nina Turner, a Democrat, criticized the Twitter account for "tripling down" on its post that compared her argument to "chattel slavery."
Sununu vowed to use his political capital to help Trump's GOP rivals in the New Hampshire presidential primary over the coming weeks and months.
The former president came up with a new phrase for himself — but not everyone agrees.