New Hampshire

For years, Geoffrey Holt was known as a mobile home park groundskeeper in a small New Hampshire town.
Several people were shot at the New Hampshire state psychiatric hospital. The shooter is "deceased," police said.
New Hampshire's presidential primaries are now scheduled for Jan. 23.
The former president managed to deny dozens of felony indictments, offer a spelling lesson and compare himself to a Nobel Peace Prize winner all during one campaign stop.
The former president threw in some gestures and sound effects for this one.
“I was never indicted. You practically never heard the word,” the former president said.
High schooler Quinn Mitchell went viral for an exchange with Ron DeSantis over the summer, but isn't sure what played out at a New Hampshire event this week.
The wins will help the party control key legislative chambers and provide a good omen for 2024.
Lawsuits filed in the state aimed to bar the former president from appearing on 2024 presidential ballots there.
The 2024 hopeful said Trump won’t be able to avoid him just by skipping debates, and that as a former federal prosecutor, he knows how to find people.