New Hampshire

Although he's closest to Warren ideologically, Sanders believes voters who back Biden are the most persuadable.
“What’s going to carry us as Democrats is not playing it safe,” Warren said as she and Sanders promised they can beat President Donald Trump.
The New Hampshire DMV wants Wendy Auger to change the plate she's had for 15 years because phrases related to excretory acts aren’t permitted.
The Democratic frontrunner's foot-in-mouth moments are piling up.
Sanders sees health care as 2020's defining issue. Warren wants to tackle special interest influence and corruption in Washington.
"Words matter and facts matter," Ellen Weintraub wrote to the president after he baselessly claimed that he lost New Hampshire due to fraudulent votes.
Trump singled out the man at his New Hampshire rally, telling him, "Go home, start exercising."
President Donald Trump insulted a protester’s weight during a rally in New Hampshire.
Mistaking a supporter for a protester, the president made fun of a man's body at a New Hampshire rally. Moments later, he claimed his campaign was all about love.
The former Trump campaign manager appeared in the audience at the president's rally in Manchester.
Progressives who backed the Vermont senator in the 2016 presidential race have lots more options this time -- like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who's inching up in polls.
The president's former campaign manager is reportedly considering a run for the U.S. Senate in New Hampshire.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders took to the stage for the first night of the second Democratic presidential debates and left voters excited for what is coming next.
The vice president abruptly called off a scheduled Air Force Two trip to visit a New Hampshire drug treatment center.
“This legislation is about equality and dignity,” Gov. Chris Sununu (R) said after signing the bill into law.
GOP state Rep. Werner Horn told HuffPost that human beings have always owned other human beings, and "it's never been about race."
Police said a 2016 Dodge 2500 pickup truck collided with several riders on U.S. 2 on Friday evening.
Nancy Bucciarelli stood by as the golden retriever struggled in Naticook Lake in Merrimack, New Hampshire, witnesses said.
The state hasn't executed anyone since 1939 and currently has only one person on death row.
The former vice president's supporters say nominating a candidate who can beat Donald Trump is their top concern.