New Jersey

Zahid Quraishi, 46, now holds a lifetime seat on a U.S. district court in New Jersey.
The all-female staff at Clifton's Palestinian American Community Center received about 30 calls including slurs, death threats and threats of sexual abuse.
"I’ve never fought anyone, let alone a Baby Boomer outside a bakery. But this time, I didn’t just shake my head and keep moving. I couldn’t."
Colonial Pipeline operates a system that spans from Texas to New Jersey, moving some 100 million gallons of fuel every day.
“It’s the only reason I regret waiting to get my first shot," Gov. Phil Murphy said when he announced the "Operation Jersey Summer" initiative.
Earthworms in a "herd" is a thing, but the shape has experts baffled.
New Jersey has been reporting about 647 new cases for every 100,000 residents over the past 14 days. New York has averaged 548.
"I believe in science," writes a Twitter critic. "I am fully vaccinated and would not step one foot in your gym."
Sean Lannon is the primary suspect in the killing of his ex-wife and three others found in a car in New Mexico.
While New York’s governor comes under fire for sketchy data on nursing home deaths from COVID-19, New Jersey's governor wins praise for telling it straight.