New York

The announcement marks Jews for Racial and Economic Justice’s first-ever mayoral endorsement and a major pick-up for Morales.
His job is to represent NYC venues. Here's why he's pushing for the industry to open back up.
The 50-year-old musician says he understands the public may not be forgiving. “I can’t do nothing about that, but I try to understand where they’re coming from,” he said.
"The Jets are to quarterbacks what Larry King was to marriage,” wrote a columnist who also dissed Hall of Famer Joe Namath.
The founder of a women’s self-defense group from Queens takes on a Manhattan Democrat with a mixed record on progressive priorities.
Scandals that have weakened centrist Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) helped drive the change as well.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has legalized marijuana in the state and may just change the future for all New Yorkers.
The state will pay up to $15,600 to undocumented workers excluded from COVID-19 unemployment relief — the largest such fund in the country.
A viral video sparked outrage after it showed a woman being brutally beaten outside a building in Manhattan as workers stood by and watched.
The rapper has been placed on life support in New York after suffering a heart attack.