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But Friedman says if we begin to turn artificial intelligence into intelligence assistants, assistance and algorithms, we
Jamia Wilson, Executive Director for Women, Action and the Media said there is data to prove how sexualized media harms all
Addison Mumm, Special to Advertising Week Some risks fall flat, while others propel businesses in the right direction. Speaking
In its entirety, today’s conversation inspired me to use my skills as a journalist and experiences as a former college-athlete
Indeed, there is a reason we find narrative paintings in ancient caves and not numbers. There is a reason the world’s oldest
Paul, who described himself as “pretty crazy,” began creating videos when he was just 10-years-old. From the get-go, creating
Highlights from the 13th New York City edition of Advertising Week, September 26 to 30, 2016. #AWNewYork 2016 Highlights
So Audi essentially made a commercial about the awesomeness of technology that features a song that warns about the dangers
We interviewed him last month at an event about the future of addressable TV presented by AT&T AdWorks in association with
Nowhere more so than in moving images. Where, once, online video was seen as an entirely separate channel from TV, the emergence
You can find this post on Beet.TV. Ferber also talks about the future of addressable TV and remarks on its success in the
  Last year was the first year I was physically on the ground at Advertising Week. I was amazed at the talent that was represented