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Today, these technologies continue to rapidly develop, while the social and cultural acceptance of them lags behind. This
Harris, explained that alcohol is a male dominate industry.  Though it might be male dominant, the alcohol industry recognizes
“The way you tell things can become a marketing [tactic], but it takes those people being used for some kind of benefit. It’s
These women all agreed it will going to take time for society’s perception of the ideal all-star athlete to change, but they
Speaking with Reinhard on stage was DDB North America CEO Wendy Clark. She doubled down on Reinhard’s point with action. Clark
However, social media platforms have recently placed more limitations on brands partnering with content creators. For example
Highlights from the 13th New York City edition of Advertising Week, September 26 to 30, 2016. #AWNewYork 2016 Highlights
Ugh. Really, guys? Even for an ad gimmick, that's a pretty low blow. Rather than turn this into a rant, let's take a critical
Data will drive the effective customization of advertising and will measure its impact, says David Miller, VP for Ad Management
"We are the backend that allows that marketplace to happen," Novak adds. Collaborations in the competitive news publisher