New York City

President Donald Trump’s most famous New York City building is getting new artwork after a group, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, painted “Black Lives Matter” in front of the building.
The idea of dining out again is exciting yet nerve-wracking. It’s a calculated risk for both customers and workers.
LGBTQ advocates are condemning widely circulated videos that appear to show NYPD officers aggressively shoving demonstrators and using pepper spray.
These students in Queens had to deal with ailing parents, dying family members and economic insecurity — all while attending virtual class.
The trauma for Fitzroy Gayle and others doesn’t end when a viral video of their arrest stops circulating.
“It is so widespread and so well-funded. But it’s flying below the radar of accountability,” said one critic.
Ritchie Torres appears to have held off Rubén Díaz Sr., the anti-gay conservative favored to win, in a Democratic race that splintered the progressive left.
Incumbent House members and establishment favorites are on the defensive as progressive hopefuls ride an activist upswell.
Monday marks the second of four reopening phases. Mayor Bill de Blasio sees it as “the single biggest piece of our economy.”
Geoffrey S. Berman is stepping down as the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.