New York City

Improv Everywhere floated this idea and it's genius.
Leonard Shoulders was hospitalized and "traumatized," his mother said.
The suit blasts the action as capricious, lawless, oxymoronic, unconstitutional — and dangerous.
New Yorkers keep voting for climate hard-liners. Next year, they'll choose a new mayor, comptroller and a majority of the City Council.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is trying to wipe out a source of power for the progressive group.
Protests in Thailand, a moonrise in New York City and a Supreme Court nominee round out this week's best images.
It's been over three decades since Vega wrote New York-centric hits like "Tom's Diner" and "Luka," but she remembers it as if it were yesterday.
Mayor Bill de Blasio said he will ask the state to approve a plan to close schools and nonessential businesses in nine communities with worrying COVID-19 clusters.
Mayor Bill de Blasio is threatening fines of up to $1,000 for those who refuse to wear masks.
The ballots came with return envelopes mislabeled with a different voter's name and address.