New York Daily News

The tabloid depicted President Donald Trump's personal attorney as one of "The Three Stooges" on its latest front page.
Trump's hometown tabloid poked fun at his reported interest in buying the world's biggest island.
Trump's hometown tabloid cut to the chase with its blistering cover.
The tabloid honored the World Cup-winning U.S. women's national soccer team on its front page.
A 5% tariff on goods from Mexico — including avocados — comes into effect on June 10.
Trump's hometown tabloid offered up its take on the president's Rose Garden press conference with its latest cover.
The tabloid said Trump was "PLAYING WITH FIRE" after the U.S. left a nuclear arms control treaty with Russia.
The cover comes after Trump doubled down on his demand for $5.7 billion in border wall money to end the partial government shutdown.
The tabloid said John Kelly's replacement should be "fluent in Russian."
The New York tabloid took aim at Trump after General Motors revealed it would be cutting thousands of U.S. jobs.
"No blind people are going to live in Trump Tower. Just do it," Trump is reported to have told an architect working on the building's design.
The New York Daily News and New York Post mock Trump, Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort in blistering front pages.
The company fired the entire social team, but they still managed to share a few more tweets.
The layoffs come days after rumors of deep cuts at the storied tabloid.
The president sparked outrage when he refused to publicly condemn Russian leader Vladimir Putin for Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.
The newspaper’s editorial vows that Trump “won’t conquer the bedrock values this nation was founded on."