New York Marathon

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The 26.2-mile-long cultural melting pot ​is New York at its best.
Are you new to the NYC Marathon? Are you new to New York City? Then this post is for you! As a seven-time race veteran and New York City local for 20 years, I have a bit of an insider's view of the 26.2 miles you've trained to run.
Charity Miles is so easy to use. A spectator or runner could carry the app with them in their pocket or hand and be racking
Was it my best run? No, not even close, but I was not frustrated, upset or disappointed. I knew that on that day I had given it my all. That given the circumstances and the interruptions in training, I'd left everything out there on the road.
They gradually worked up to completing the Los Angeles Marathon. The pair then decided to try and make history by participating
I didn't want to run a marathon again. I had already run the New York City Marathon three times, and I felt like I had gotten what I needed from it. I'd had an amazing experience each year I'd run, and my times had gotten better with each race. I was happy with that.
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On a recent foggy Sunday in Central Park, a group of runners lingered near the finish line of a half-marathon, recounting