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People are pointing out this ridiculous double standard after Swift didn't mention Travis Kelce during her Grammys acceptance remarks.
The White House press secretary and the journalist argued in the briefing room over “disrespect.”
The press secretary criticized a New York Post journalist who asked about powder that was discovered in the White House earlier this week.
The New York Daily News and New York Post tore into the former president after a jury's $5 million verdict.
The previously pro-Donald Trump tabloid offered some harsh truths for supporters of the former president.
The late-night host has the question that's on many minds.
Mara Liasson said there was "no doubt" the network and other conservative media outlets were keen to move on from the former president.
“Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us 1,438 times, and it may finally be too much," the previously pro-Trump tabloid wrote in an editorial.
The previously pro-Trump newspaper buried its coverage of the former president's 2024 announcement and peppered its story with digs.
Erin Merdy, 30, was found wandering barefoot and soaking wet, about 2 miles from where her dead children were discovered.