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Jake Silverstein issued a point-by-point rebuttal to historians demanding corrections to the widely discussed project.
But 2030 would be a different story, scientists say.
The story laments a lost opportunity when climate change was a bipartisan issue from 1979 to 1989. But another bipartisan change was happening too.
“I wanted to share stories and write about people that helped other people who maybe felt marginalized or unseen know that they weren’t alone.”
Upcoming features: a profile of a young DACA recipient, a Thanksgiving leftovers recipe and a story from LeBron James.
Author Jesmyn Ward, reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones and artist Trevor Paglen are among this year's group of 24 MacArthur Fellows.
All sides of our education civil war need to see our internal battles within the context of the travesties recounted in this amazing special magazine issue.
The twisted tale of a dubious document leaves more questions than answers.
But there is really very little distance between these double-dome conservatives and the Trumpistas.