New Zealand

A flight attendant reportedly hitting a switch on a pilot's chair caused a 787 Dreamliner to nose dive during a flight to New Zeland on Monday.
The flightless bird was plucked from the runway and taken to a nearby zoo to feast on fish.
"That evening, the anchors on the 6 o’clock news delivered the worst news of my life."
The country's plan inspired the introduction of similar tobacco restrictions in England by U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.
Vote checkers were so overwhelmed after the comedian's campaign for the pūteketeke they had to delay announcing the winner.
"You never know where these adventurous animals might pop up," New Zealand's conservation department said.
Maori, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags will be prominently displayed throughout the tournament, in a rare departure from FIFA's strict rules.
New Zealand made soccer history, and players and fans celebrated accordingly.
A gunman killed two people before he died Thursday in Auckland, where the Women's World Cup is set to begin Thursday.
Ivana Andres apologized to the Maori people of New Zealand over a video showing four members of the Spain squad mocking the traditional haka.